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CAD / CAM / CAE technologies

Jan 15, 2020

telecommunications The acronym CAD comes from the English expression Computer Aided Design. It involves the use of computer technology to aid in the design of a product. In the case that concerns us now, it would involve designing housings for communications devices. In short, CAD is the drawing or graphical tool that replaces the traditional drawing board in drafting the design object.


CAM is an acronym for another English expression, Computer Aided Manufacturing. This system uses computers in the product manufacturing process, making it as fully automated as possible. With some of the newest CAM systems today, we are talking about a process that includes machining, forming, assembly, storage, right up to the final shipping of the product.

This brings me to the last term I want to talk about here, CAE, an abbreviation of the expression Computer Aided Engineering. This tool links the CAD and CAM processes. It uses CAD geometry as a starting point on which to apply a series of operating and work simulation and analysis processes aimed at improving the quality, reliability and competitiveness of the product. It then generates information that CAM needs to manufacture the piece through numeric control systems.

Any modern product design and manufacturing process currently requires the creating company to use and integrate these technologies – which have come to optimize all manufacturing steps from the initial conception right up to when the product is finally made available to the desired client.

Incorporating these processes will necessitate raising the qualitative level of the personnel using them. This will also result in optimizing manufacturing and the end quality of the product.

Optimization and cost reduction

These techniques have improved exponentially in recent years due to advances in microelectronics, hardware and software. By feeding each other technology, CAD, CAM and CAE are also instrumental in the development of the microelectronics and hardware fields.

CAD/CAM/CAE is more than just a design and manufacturing tool. By optimizing these processes, it helps reduce manufacturing times, and thus product costs.

The effetiveness of these tools is demonstrated by the fact that a wide range of different industries have incorporated them to help with their projects. The aeronautical, automobile, heavy industries, architecture, civil engineering and a whole host of other industries rely on this technology to achieve the highest possible levels of quality.

As one would expect and taking into account the type of product it develops, Teldat makes use these technological improvements to design and manufacture its communications devices.

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