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Cloud VPN solutions on SDN Networks – The Way to Go

Jan 22, 2022

 width=As remote work increasingly becomes the new normal, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) today are searching eagerly for reputable IT resellers and system integrators to facilitate the best possible transition. From local businesses to municipal governments, healthcare facilities, and schools, a smooth and cost-efficient restructuring of organizational infrastructure involving cloud-based VPNs (virtual private networks ) is a critical component.

Be.SDx is a cloud-based VPN solutions platform specially designed with these professional resellers in mind. Based upon typical SDN (software-defined networks) protocols, cloud-based VPN technology is easily scalable and quick to roll out while offering expedited service response times with optimized security. The VPN resides on the sites of the end-users and is easily manageable through the cloud-based be.SDx controller.

Innovations in cloud-based VPN technologies

In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that its employees could immediately begin working from home for the foreseeable future. As the numbers of diagnoses continued to rise steadily throughout the spring, he further proclaimed in July of 2020 that the company was extending its remote work policies at least another full year into the summer of 2021. Apple’s Tim Cook quickly followed suit.

These public acknowledgments by the world’s most technologically advanced companies that remote work is the “way to go” open the doors for other enterprises to jump onboard the work-from-home bandwagon. Large organizations like Google and Apple typically have vast technological infrastructures involving a core SD-WAN concept where the controller typically acts as a “central brain” for the management and routing decisions of cloud VPN solutions. This high-tech gadgetry offers many substantive benefits and advantages, including:

  • Optimized security for cloud VPN services authentication, authorization, and administration
  • Automated set-up procedures for increased ease-of-use
  • Reduced administrative burdens
  • Enhanced scalability
  • Maximized business continuity capabilities
  • Safe and secure access to company databases and applications from any Internet browser or connection
  • Superior protection for employee access via public WiFi networks
  • Elimination of possible security compromises of employee personal devices
  • Reduced bandwidth concerns
  • Masking capabilities of company identity
  • Avoidance of misconfigurations

Unfortunately, many SMEs find this business model to be too complicated and too expensive to implement. This divergence in financial and technical capabilities means that IT resellers and system integrators must offer more affordable cloud server VPN solutions to cover their clients’ company-specific needs.

be.SDx: Simplified SME deployment of cloud VPN solutions

Imagine an SME consisting of perhaps only a single IT professional and a minimal budget. When troubles arise with their cloud site-to-site VPN protocols, the system administrator begins making calls to Internet providers, IT integrators of PCs and switches, and maybe even other specialist resellers of applications and WIFI systems.

Since time is money, most SMEs lack the capabilities of resolving these types of internal crises quickly cost-efficiently. Be.SDx is an all-in-one cloud VPN solution where the IT resellers and system integrators streamline the entire resolution process for every device and communication configuration in SDN networks.

  • Wizard-based configuration:

Instead of configuring all of the required parameters for an effective cloud server VPN solution, IT resellers and system integrators only manage the SME’s unique and individual VPN requirements, such as the number of end-users and employee access capabilities to different areas of the company infrastructure. The Wizard-based technology is easy-to-use, reduces training time for reseller staff, and prevents misconfigurations through plausibility checks.

  • Monitoring & smart notifications:

When an incident occurs within the cloud VPN solutions environment, be.SDx informs the reseller proactively and perhaps even before the SME client is aware. The smart notifications capabilities of this cloud-based VPN solution will also make recommendations to the reseller for how best to resolve the problem. The non-stop monitoring capabilities of be.SDx technologies save time, money, and potential damage to the resellers’ brand name reputation.

  • Mass operations features:

be.SDx allows IT resellers and system integrators to copy cloud site-to-site VPN configurations from one deployed device to many others with ease. The New Customer Wizard feature also enables the copying of existing organizational parameters from one location to another, which allows the reseller to make changes faster and with less effort. Even pre-scheduled firmware updates across the entire company Cloud SDN network can take place expeditiously with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  • On-premise VPN capabilities:

A proven and highly secure model for VPN-on-cloud solutions involves the formation of pertinent tunnels for a hub and spoke network. be.SDx technologies make this process easy and efficient while establishing an encrypted overlay for company databases, VPN login authorization information, and other highly sensitive information.

  • All-in-one cloud-managed network :

With be.SDx cloud VPN solutions, IT resellers, and system integrators can create, distribute, apply, and manage the cloud server VPN configurations for the perhaps hundreds of mobile devices on a customer network from one centralized location.

  • Negligible start-up costs:

With regards to the be.SDx technologies, the IT resellers, and system integrators do not need to purchase the necessary managed network infrastructure and hardware, which significantly minimizes the resellers’ start-up costs. Furthermore, SMEs can maintain the use of their current IT equipment, mobile devices, and applications.

  • Pay-as-you-grow capabilities:

Because the be.SDx wizard-based technologies provide a simplified approach to deployments and configurations, resellers can offer Pay-as-you-go services packages to end-users. As their business demands change and perhaps expand, system integrators can add more applications and other features without the need to purchase costly computers, servers, and routers. Meanwhile, the resellers’ customers never need to worry about their existing IT infrastructure becoming obsolete or insufficient.

Conclusion on the Cloud-Based VPN Solutions Outlook

Even though the surge in work-from-home strategies and protocols is somewhat new to the world of business and commerce, many industry experts strongly believe that the demand for cloud VPN solutions will only continue to grow exponentially even as the coronavirus crisis subsides. be.SDx Corp allow system integrators to offer these types of products and services without inordinately high start-up costs and extensive training of in-house staff. Visit be.SDx Corp website for more information about the be.SDx Corp solutions.


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