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start 2016A new year begins once more. Two things can happen when we review the figures for the previous year: the results may be good or we have not achieved the expectations set at the beginning of the year. In both cases, everything must start again from scratch and you can start to feel a little unsettled by the prospect of the uncertainty of what lies down the line. If we did well, we lose that safety net sensation that the results give us. And if we did badly, then we look to the New Year for change and encouraging results.

At Teldat, we come under the first case. The year that is departing has left us with a very good set of results, reflecting the three consistently upheld tenets of our President: Perseverance in abundance, lots of talent and unlimited hard work. If we add to this a knack for knowing how to be in the right place at the right time (which some put down to luck and others to experience), then the results are not only good but also well-deserved.

And now we have to start over, with that familiar start-of-the-year-feeling that makes us wonder whether we will be able to do it again. “Yes” can be the only answer to this question and we must start now by writing down the results of the coming year. And the only way to conquer our fear of the blank page is to write a series of workable goals with the same level of enthusiasm and effort as every year.

We have the following objectives for 2016:

  1. The first concerns the most important part of our company: our Customers. And here we emphasize the word Customers because (although it’s true that in our market it’s not companies that have customers but rather the supposed customers that have suppliers) a key feature of Teldat’s success and an essential feature of our business model is our involvement in the projects undertaken by the parties using our technology. That is why we can consider them Customers (in the traditional sense) and one of our objectives, the first and most important of them, is to work with our customers and for them on a continual basis with the same dedication.
  2. The second has to do with technology, the soul of our company: 2016 will undoubtedly be the year of consolidation for the new products developed and launched in 2015 (Cloud Management, Wi-Fi, be.IP, SD-WAN) and for new product launches (On-Board, Industrials/Utilities, new cloud applications), many of them aimed at solving the complex needs of our customers in specific vertical sectors.
  3. The third concerns our company, its business growth and scope. It’s a long time since we left Spanish borders and started expanding Teldat’s international business (with the incorporation of our German branch). During this time we have expanded into more than thirty-five different countries and operate on four out of five continents. But that is not enough. This year we intend to go even further; to increase our penetration in some of those markets, for us still emerging, and to be recognized as the global supplier that we already are, even though we don’t have as many means as some of our competitors to trumpet the news.

These are our guidelines for the coming year to be reviewed in a little under a year, when we expect to achieve, at the very least, a similar set of results to the year now past right.

We would like to wish all our readers a very happy 2016. For Teldat, the year ahead gives us another chance to get it right.

Lola Miravet

Lola Miravet

Telecommunications Engineer, is the Head of Teldat’s Corporate Marketing Department

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