PLC communication gateway: Regesta Smart PLC

PLC gateway for efficient, cost-effective telemetry deployments
  • Multiple WAN (SFP, 2G/3G/LTE, Ethernet)
  • SCADA (Modbus, IEC-101/102, IEC-104 gateway)
  • PLC interface (Base node up to 2000 smart meters)
  • Extended temperature range (-25 to 70 °C)
  • Complies with electrical safety regulations & EMC
  • DMVPNs, VLANs and QoS for critical services
  • Dual-SIM redundancy


The Regesta Smart PLC router family brings today's most advanced corporate IP network protocols to the world of smart grids and telemetry. Specially designed to interconnect IP-based networks with PLC technology, it is ideal for the deployment of intelligent centralized telemetry solutions that require reliable communications with PLC smart meters. It takes full advantage of Teldat's advanced internetworking software (CIT) to provide state-of-the-art communications security with encryption, authentication management and access control for protection against instrusion attacks. Combined with Teldat or third-party SNMP-based management tools, it is ideal for large-scale deployments, where for example, the auto-provisioning feature enables deployments without the intervention of dedicated IT personnel.

Competitive advantages

Reliable communications and hardware Multiple access technologies (2 simultaneous WWAN, SFP + LTE, LTE + Ethernet) employed with real-time backup mechanisms, SNMP trap notifications and alerts.   Rugged hardware design Adaptable hardware design for unattended installations, with extended temperature range (-25 to 70 °C) and electrical and electromagnetic immunity.   PLC communications support Enables direct communication with PLC-based smart meters. Delivers PLC base node and advanced networking communications in a single device. PRIME Alliance 1.3 and 1.4 compatible.   Corporate networking software The latest IP network technology for smart grid communications bringing security, quality and ease of use to large-scale multiservice deployments.


The Regesta Smart PLC are industrial-grade routers that provide secure and reliable IP broadband connectivity to SCADA telemetry and telecontrol networks in smart grid deployment. By configuring the built-in PLC communications interface as base node, you can communicate with smart meters without having to install any additional equipment like PLC concentrators. The router guarantees optimal and maximum security of communications between multiple IP services. In addition, by using 2G/3G/LTE, and Ethernet or SFP interfaces concurrently, the router provides maximun reliability of communications, which is guaranteed thanks to the full support of the management, monitoring and backup functionalities. The Regesta Smart PLC family incorporates state-of-the-art security technologies in communications with the most complete collection of VPN protocols and firewall techniques.
The Regesta Smart PLC provides reliable communications including a PLC interface to communicate with smart meters. It enables DLMS traffic between smart meters and management software. Prime Alliance 1.3 and 1.4 compatible.

Key Features

2 x Gigabit Ethernet portswith VLAN, 802.1X, duplex 2 x 10/100/1000 BaseT auto detect ports (full/half-duplex automatic negotiation). MDI / MDI-X crossover detection, Ethernet V2 / IEEE 802.3 LLC (802.2), ARP, IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN), IEEE 802.1X   PRIME PLC interface (up to 2000 smart meters) PRIME PLC interface with base and service node operation. It support up to 2000 PLC smart meters, with topology discovery and firmware updates. Prime Alliance 1.3 and 1.4 compatible.   2G/3G/4G (dual-SIM backup) 4G module , with dual SIM card tray for automatic backups. Advanced Teldat system for proactive monitoring and automatic recovery from WWAN incidents.   Electrical environment safety certificates Safety certificates for equipment in electrical environments: EMC, isolation, immunity, electrical, climatic and mechanical.   Extended temperature range (-25 to 70 °C) The Regesta Smart PLC includes a housing design for optimal heat dissipation and, wall mount and DIN rail mount options, guaranteeing operation between -25 and 70 °C with up to 95 % humidity.   Security 802.1X, ACLs, firewall and DMVPNs (IPSec) The Regesta Smart PLC includes state-of-the-art security: ACLs, firewall, 802.1X, IPSEC with hardware encryption, DMVPNs, etc. This allows for safe and scalable deployment in easy to manage smart grid networks.   Serial port for SCADA protocols (RS-232 and RS-485) It is also able to incorporate serial interfaces with SCADA protocols, thus providing the versatility to connect to industrial meters, RTUs and other control devices.   Advanced services (routing, management, QoS) The Regesta Smart PLC includes a software stack with the advanced functions required by advanced IP networks, such as QoS, policy routing, DMVPNs, VLANs, and VRF, providing maximum versatility for shared services.   IEC-101 to IEC-104 Serial-IP and Gateway encapsulation Data from the serial port can be transparently encapsulated with IP. The “IEC-101 to IEC-104 gateway” function also allows IEC-101 RTUs to be maintained and central management software to migrate to IEC-104.   Console port for out-of-band management The console port facilitates troubleshooting and installation at remote points.
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