Connectivity trains, light rail and subway

Add connectivity to trains, light rail and subway

Whatever type of rolling stock, add 4G/LTE connectivity for both passengers and staff.

Market Overview

Although road vehicles have probably being installing routers and communications platforms for a longer period of time, now connectivity and Internet on trains, light railways, subways and other types of rolling stock is now more widespread.

Indeed, Internet on trains has taken longer because although conditions for a router onboard any type of moving element is always difficult, routers on trains are much tougher.

Moreover, the governing bodies that set the rules for devices installed on trains and other rolling stock are very strict.

Although obtaining certifications for railway routers are extremely demanding, Internet on board rolling stock, opens up a large spectrum of opportunities, due to the fact that electricity supply is abundant and constant aboard rail.


Teldat has developed the H2-Rail, a specific communications platform for highspeed, commuter, metro, light rail, subway, and freight trains. Our latest railway router which has been used in some of the world's most avanced railway projects for Internet on trains.

Combined with the Teldat APR222ac, rugged Wi-Fi access points for any type of rolling stock, Teldat offers a solution that improves the transit experience for both Passengers and Operations staff. 

Some of Teldat's clients have taken these products, to offer much more than just Internet on trains. Teldat's H2-Rail railway router and Teldat's APR222ac Wi-Fi access device are the solid base on which travellers on board trains are offered an entire platform of services and applications, such as music, games, cinema and books, as well as Internet connectivity for their access to emails and other personal applications.

Security on board trains can be highly increased if cameras are connected to the same network of H2-Rail train routers and APR222ac Wi-Fi devices. Apart from security, many other operational tasks can be undertaken by the control staff related to trains.

Teldat train routers and Wi-Fi devices are compliant and certified with demanding regulations set down by the railway industry (eg. EN-50155, EN-50121-3-2, etc.) for train routers and other telecommunication devices. This is to makes sure that our equipment can withstand the necessary shocks, vibrations and temperatures required.  


    4G/LTE connectivity for passengers

  • Passengers need connectivity to Internet on trains or whilst on any other type of transportation. When travelling on rail, whether it's on a commuter train or on a high speed train, Internet connectivity is virtually essential, although the reasons for connectivity may be different and many.
  • Increased security for all

  • Especially for trains on routes that have a higher level of insecurity. These railway lines, if they have Internet on trains and Teldat rail routers, they can obtain live video onboard connected directly to the control centers whilst the trains are in motion. In this way, actions can be taken as soon as a security issue arises. This will increase the security of both travelers and staff.
  • One H2-Rail for many coaches

  • Using the combination of only one H2-Rail train router communication platform and various APR-222ac access points, one train can be totally connected from the first to the last coach. However, if required more than one H2-Rail router can be installed for extra security.
  • Dual Carrier connectivity

  • Fallback to the Internet is achieved even with only one H2-Rail train router communication platform. Each router can have upto 4 SIM cards (dual SIM), so as to have a resilient telecommunication operator. Hence one will act as the main line network and the second would act as the fallback network. The resilient network is automatically activated by the H2-Rail router, hence passengers and staff have a very high degree of connectivity to Internet on trains.
  • Extreme temperature solutions

  • Depending on the geographical areas in which trains have to work in, temperatures can vary considerably. Teldat H2-Rail train routers and APR-222ac access points can withstand temperatures from -30º C to +70º C (-20º F to 160º F). This is essential as not all world regions have mild climates.

Read here to know more about the train routers and access points for this solution;
Teldat H2-Rail and APR222ac.

Case Study


The Spanish high-speed railway network has deployed Teldat H2-Rail and APR222ac access points on their trains to offer travelers on-board connectivity via LTE and Wi-Fi for quality entertainment and services.

Teldat’s communications platform is designed for railways and compliant with specific railway regulations. The LTE and Wi-Fi on high-speed trains reaching up to 310km/h work seamlessly over their 1,600 km of rail network.

Key Product Features

  • Broadband with up to 4 concurrent LTE connections
  • 4G/LTE QUAD-SIM for operator redundancy
  • Railway hardware design
  • Embeddable on management platforms
  • Aggregation/balance for application continuity
  • Isolated and secure multi-service communications
  • Location-based (GPS) dynamic behaviour
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ac certification with upto three radio modules
  • Control of client quantity and band steering
  • Security through ACLs/WIDS&WIPS
  • Use of 20/40MHz channels


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