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Mar 27, 2018


SDWe are approaching the end of Q1 in 2018 and for various reasons across the world, I believe that in the coming days many of our readers will probably be taking a short break. Whether its because of traditional festive holidays that are coming up in many parts of the world or because of the change in the seasons. So, this is a great moment to pause and think how 2018 has progressed so far.

I remember that when I wrote a blog post to launch the year, I spoke about a few issues which were forecasted as topics that would have a large amount of movement during the year and I definitely think that these areas have been prime topics during Q1 of 2018; 5G, AI and SD.

Indeed, these topics where important issues that were widely discussed at the what is always one of the biggest telecommunications events of all the year. The Mobile World Congress (MWC), which was held once more in February in Barcelona. Perhaps at this show we have seen that topics like 5G or AI that have been secondary issues until now, have passed on to take prime roles at the show, and constantly after remains as prime topics in the press, social networks, etc. Hence these are definitely very interesting developments.

Of course, the network and the change towards SD, the software defined perspective, has not died down at all. This comes directly from last year as any of our readers will be well aware from the many articles that we published on SD-WAN and other related issues in 2017.

Therefore, considering what has been said, Q2 and the rest of 2018 look as if they are going to carry on having extremely interesting developments within the market. We plan on keeping our blog readers informed as always and we have already got lined up a very interesting amount of guest bloggers, especially from our backend departments such as Research & Development, Support, Marketing, etc. These are the engineers within our company who as you know, have the knowledge to build our products and services, and are able to write in a different perspective and inform you in an original format. Hence, making the Teldat blog original.  

Thanks to all of you for following the Teldat blog!

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