Teldat’s 2019 ROW Kick Off

Teldat ROW team, representing a large worldwide area, meet in Madrid for their 2019 Kick Off
February 4, 2019

The Teldat ROW business unit (ROW for “Rest of the World”) officially started their Kick Off this Tuesday 29th January 2019. However, as the team members arrived on Monday, this gave them the perfect opportunity to get together informally and be able to talk about work and other issues. The ROW business unit team don’t frequently all meet up at the Teldat HQ, as it is made up of colleagues from various countries. Indeed this business unit covers the geographical areas such as North America, Middle East, Asia, Africa and all other European countries that are neither in the Iberian Peninsula, nor in the German speaking countries (both of the latter mentioned areas, each have a specific business unit).
Fernando Rojo, ROW business unit VP started the day with a warm up meeting, with just the Regional Sales Managers and Miguel Angel Leal, Chief Sales and Digital Officer. The Regional Sales Managers were eager to present their top or most interesting projects sold this year.
François Sené, the French Regional Sales Manager explained how pleased he was to have launched an SD-WAN project in France, where the client had been extremely pleased with the CNM Controller and the CNM Provisioner for this SD-WAN project. Elhamy Elhifnawy, Italian Regional Sales Manager, talked of the important projects that he had sold related to the H2-Automotive+ routers. These devices had been sold to the most important Italian public transport company, to be able to offer passengers Wi-Fi access to Internet and also for ticketing systems on the buses. Indeed, there were many another important projects presented, in countries such as USA, Taiwan, the Pacific region, etc.
After this session, the rest of the ROW business unit team joined, so that as with the other Kick Offs this year, Ignacio Villaseca, Teldat CEO, could officially open the event, informing the team members on a summary of the Teldat Group vision, followed by Miguel Angel Leal, Chief Sales & Digital Officer, who spoke of sales strategy and digital transformation. Ignacio Loizaga, Teldat Technology & Marketing Officer, then unfolded Teldat’s technological product vision. Francisco Guerrero, Teldat Product Marketing VP, and the Business Line Managers disclosed the different Teldat solutions to come in 2019. To round up the day, issues related to Inside Sales were discussed.
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