Antonio García Marcos is interviewed by Telefonía y Comunicaciones

Teldat’s President discusses the opportunities SD-WAN networks bring to the table with Telefonía y Comunicaciones
May 21, 2019

Telefonía y Comunicaciones has published an interview with Teldat’s President, Antonio García Marcos. Aside from reminding its readers that Teldat is the leading European company when it comes to corporate access devices, the article focuses on aspects that highlight the company’s significance.
Teldat is now part of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure, a feat that, in the words of Antonio García Marcos, “makes us proud given the international reputation of the consultancy firm and its renowned analytical skills”. García Marcos, founder of Teldat, gives his viewpoint on what he describes as a “two-flavored” SD-WAN proposition: one product specially designed for big corporations and another aimed at SMEs. According to him, Teldat will unveil its marketable SD-WAN solutions in Germany after “carrying out a meticulous selection process to choose partners that can join us when launching this project”.
In addition, and as detailed in Telefonía y Comunicaciones, Teldat is also focusing on other market segments. Great importance is being given to on-board communications (for vehicles as diverse as buses, ambulances, fire engines, etc.). As for trains, Teldat is capable of offering state-of-the-art WAN and Wi-Fi rail solutions.
The article also covers the good financial results achieved by Teldat in 2018. The company’s turnover reached 63.3 million euros, it increased its EBITDA up to 11.7 million and invested 13% of income in R&D&I. Antonio García Marcos best summarizes the spirit when he says “the time to invest has come, and we better give it our all”

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