CEPYME interviews the CEO of Teldat, Ignacio Villaseca

CEPYME interviews Ignacio Villaseca, CEO of Teldat – a CEPYME500 company
February 27, 2018

Teldat was one of the 500 Spanish companies listed in the CEPYME500 index. In an interview this month, Ignacio Villaseca, the CEO of Teldat, was asked to explain a little bit about our company and how it had come to be included in the CEPYME500 ranking.
Ignacio Villaseca speaks of the “honor of Teldat being listed as a CEPYME500 company”. He sees it as especially rewarding as it “recognizes more than 30 years of continuous effort in an environment in which we compete daily with companies whose size and resources are several orders of magnitude greater than ours”.
Ignacio Villaseca also identifies innovation as the key to Teldat becoming a leader in business growth, going on to state that our greatest strength lies in our customer base and loyalty. As regards added value, Ignacio Villaseca mentions, among other things, our highly competitive technology.
During the course of the interview, Ignacio Villaseca answers a number of other questions to do with our work environment, the challenges we face over the coming years, the keys to our internationalization, and more. To read the interview in full, please visit CEPYME news

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