Teldat in Cinco Días: Spanish R&D in Germany

Teldat features in Cinco Días newspaper alongside other Spanish pioneering companies that have entered the German market with their R&D products
May 12, 2020


Teldat appears in an article published by Cinco Días financial newspaper as an exemplary technological company, along with other leading Spanish companies that manage to establish themselves in Germany with their R&D products. Teldat is accompanied in the article by Spanish companies from other sectors (such as rail, systems integration, energy, etc.) which, like our corporation, have managed to succeed in “the technology paradise” of Germany.
Cinco Días explains that it is true that, “…as is tradition, Germany exports equipment, automotive and semi-manufactured goods to Spain. The surprising thing is that these same sectors account for three quarters of Spain’s sales to Germany.”
According to ICEX, 233 Spanish companies have embarked on “the German adventure”. Teldat is one of them.
Teldat’s president, Antonio García Marcos, explains our raison d’être: “to design and manufacture advanced technological platforms for more effective communication between companies and their users”.
“When the 2008 financial crisis struck, Teldat found itself in a solvent position in our home market, which enabled us to pursue new markets – with priority on Central Europe. Within a few years, Teldat acquired the German firm Funkwerk Enterprise Communications, a Nuremberg-based company that manufactured corporate and business routers, in addition to other products sold in sectors like Teldat’s”.

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